Look beyond the Resume, esp 1

Monday Morning, 9AM.

I knew I shouldn’t snooze my alarm! I knew it, I knew it! There are still five people before me.. should I forfeit my daily coffee and just leave?..but I need my coffee and the office is only a block down. Do I have enough time? what should i do..

I mean, If there are only three people in front of me, that would make a huge different! I mean, if there are less customers, then I won’t be having this conversation with myself after all! Less line up, more time to run to my office!

“Excuse Miss, Would you like to go before me? I have a feeling that you are in a rush”

A deep voice shook through my self-conversation and I looked up. The first thing and the only thing I saw was his earning. It wasn’t a special earning but its the exactly same pair that I got for my ex-boyfriend on our five years anniversary.

“Yes please! Thank you so much!” I said, still looking at his earning.

After I got my large black coffee, I rushed through the crowds of people like a mad man. My purse hanging over my shoulder, one hand holding my coffee, the other holding the files that will be need for this afternoon meeting.

As I hurry my way through the lobby, then into the elevator, then finally reaching my desk, I only have one thing in my mind, the earning.


to be continued…


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