5 Type of Jobs

We all want our dream job. Perhaps you might be living your dream life already, but for the rest of us, we are still hanging on. Here are 5 type of jobs that we go through during different phrases of life. I am pretty sure we can all relate…

  1. The College – $aving Job
    Throwback to the high school phrase, where some of us would go straight to work after school. Whether it is flipping burgers, distributing newspapers, cleaning cars, or tutoring your neighbour’s kids. As juniors or seniors, we know that extra cash for college do not fall from the sky.
  2. The College-Side-Gig Job
    While everyone is busying landing their internships or going to tons of interviews, you are working at your side job. You believe that this job will make your resume look better. While everyone is doing well in school and started to hear by from companies, you are still convincing yourself that this job will someday land something big for you…
  3. The Pay-The-Bill Job
    Not all graduates can successfully land their first job right away, especially if you are in liberal arts, it might be harder for you than someone else. However, you still have bills to pay and an empty stomach to feed. So you settle down with anything that comes your way. It might not be your dream job, but it will do for now.
  4. The Surprise Job
    This is when your friend’s mom’s boss’s husband’s brother’s company is hiring and your friendly personality has finally paid off. Because you do not believe in burning down bridges, your exclusive network has landed you this decent job that you might love. For the first time ever, you feel motivated to go to work.
  5. The Dream Job
    I truly hope that everyone will one day have their dream job. Maybe you are living your dream work and dream life, or still working at it. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter because it is all about the attitude. You might not be able to change your current job or get out of your financial problems right away, but it is all about your attitude and how much you allow it to affect you. Beside, our passion and dreams are constantly changing, so maybe one day, you might realized that your current job IS your dream job.

(all photos are from stockphotos.io)

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