When professors make it or break it

Having a good professor makes or breaks the class. However, keep in mind that for professor to be good at teaching is not inherent in their ‘job’ descriptions, it is a conscious decision they make when they teach. However, when students are paying $15 000(CND)+ a year for tuitions, some professors really need to step up their game, or at least try. In my opinion, I find it very distasteful when professors are not taking their students seriously, or simply slapping some slides together to fill up the class time.


It is so disengaging and demeaning when professors do not respect students’ opinions. You can tell if someone is tentatively listening to what you have to say through body language and gestures. For instance, when they are looking at you, their body is facing you, and they are nodding. However, some professors actually do not care about what you have to say. When you are speaking, they might play with their clothes or look away. The worst is when you finish talking, and they immediately point to another person to speak. They leave no room for comments or interactions, and no room for other classmate to think. They are strictly going through as much people as possible.


When professor ask questions for the sake of having ‘class interactions’. In post secondary, especially if you are studying liberal arts (ex: social sciences), you expect professors or classmates to discuss and ask controversial or deep questions that are hard to answer, because that’s when you are pushing your own boundaries and learning something new. However, there is a difference between asking ‘example questions’ and ‘critique questions’. An example questions would be telling students to label things that are colored red. A critique question would be to debate definitions of abortion and whether if it is a moral issues and all the hard questions that comes with abortion. Unfortunately, some professors are quite lazy with their questions. How would you feel when you are paying $15 000+ to answer what’s 1+1… (aka, I am exaggerating with my examples, but you know what I mean)


A question to ponder upon:

How would public university and private university change our perceptions on education? What is an education?

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